Duck Calls

Our Name
The “Big Dog” is a large black lab named Deuce. Not only does Deuce love to retrieve ducks, geese, and other birds, but he’s also taught us a lot about patience and humility; two qualities that are really helpful if you happen to make duck calls!  So, naturally, we named our duck calls after Deuce, and as you’ve seen we feature him prominently on our website.

Our Story
Located on the banks of the Mississippi River, we hunt ducks in the fall and winter, and the rest of the year we watch them, listen to them, and make duck calls that sound just like them. We use Echo inserts and soundboards, which we’ve consistently found to create the most authentic, rich tone at both the high and low ends. The Open Water inserts are loud and designed for hunting fields and open water, while the Timber inserts are quieter and designed for close-up calling. Both styles are available with single or double-reeds (our calls come with double reeds unless you request a single reed).

But it’s our barrels that truly set us apart. Each barrel is hand turned, sanded and polished to perfection. And since they’re all hand-made, they are all unique – No two Big Dog duck calls have the same look – but they do deliver the same consistent sound! We choose the most interesting acrylic patterns we can find, and turn them into functional works of art. When you’re not blowing our calls, you’ll want to put them on display. 

Honestly, we’re not in this to get rich, we’re in it because we love to create and we like to share what we create! We also know how hard it is to find affordable, high-quality duck calls, and we strive to provide top-quality calls that won’t break your bank. And If we can help a couple kids get through college along the way, that’s a bonus! We hope you enjoy our site, and we always welcome your feedback and ideas!